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Posted on June 20th, 2015


XTC provide Communication and Technical resource to JLR’s ‘Global Drive Team’. The Drive Team, which is a arm of LR Experience, are responsible for providing unique and mind blowing challenges for the Worlds Press to experience the latest JLR products. These events are held from the comfort of Capital Cities to the remoteness of Iceland and the Andes. Launches include Discovery 3, Freelander2, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover, Evoque, Discovery 4, New Range Rover, New Range Rover Sport, Discovery Sport, Evoque Cabriolet, Sport SVR.  We have also been involved with the launch of the stunning Jaguar F Type, F Pace, E Pace, XJ, XF and the supersonic iPace!

XTC completed a 10 week event in Iceland at the end of 2014 for the launch of the Discovery Sport. The event pushed the vehicles, equipment, staff and Worlds Press to the limits with conditions at their worst for many winters.  Iceland Gallery

Sept ’15 was the launch of the new Ingenium engines in the Range Rover Evoque. Taking place in Barcelona and the surrounding Catalonian Mountains, the Worlds Press experienced some of Europe’s finest views and off road driving.

March ’16 the stunning Evoque Cabriolet was launched high up in the French Alps, Couchevel. Once again XTC provided comms, tracking and Internet amongst the snow and ice for a breath-taking launch for over 600 International Journalists.  Cabriolet Gallery

April ’16 Jaguar F-PACE Montenegro.  3 VSAT Systems and 4G modems provided Internet at remote locations for World Media putting the F-PACE though it’s paces! Spectacular dams, water crossings and barren land took the vehicles to their limits.

After the first Discovery was launched 25 years ago, it’s latest successor, the All New Discovery, was launched in the sand and rocks of Utah and Arizona in Feb’17. The breathtaking backdrop of the Utah landscape was the perfect location for this all new design with it’s deep sand, snow and what appeared to be impossible rock climbs. Yet another bold adventure by Land Rover to show that their vehicles really are the best! Utah Pic’s

We now roll on to the launch of the latest model in the Range Rover family, the Velar. Recces are underway in Norway for our next Global Launch later this year. Watch this space…

Time flies, and many events have taken place in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Corsica and the UK, but now it’s 2020 and the Launch of the New Defender in Namibia!

The New Defender Launch in Namibia presented a huge challenge for Logistics, Safety and cultural sensitivity.
Without decent Communications and tracking the event could not go ahead. The distances travelled and remote locations visited demanded the latest and best technology.
By using Icom’s latest IP and Satellite radio equipment we were able to create a network to cover both safety and logistical demands over our complete route. This meant the event could go ahead.
XTC also provided Sat Internet at the remote sites for Media guests and solar power to run Fridges, Freezers, lighting and Comms at the Camps.
It was by far one of our most challenging, fun and rewarding events to date..
Defender Namibia Pics


Weymouth Sailing Academy

Posted on June 19th, 2015

P1010841   SFG   Img_2696

XTC provided 4 repeater and 5 simplex channels for the 4 Sail For Gold Regattas leading up to the 2012 Olympics. The repeaters were based on Portland along side the Military aircraft Radome and gave handheld coverage far in excess of Weymouth Bay.

The system proved vital for race teams and waterside safety for the Regattas and was installed as a back up system to compliment the country-wide Tetra system installed by the Olympics Committee for the actual event. The system was used during the Olympic racing in preference to the Tetra system by some race teams and Judges.

The system has been reinstalled this year for Regatta’s now leading up to the 2016 Olympics where the UK teams will be chosen. XTC are now looking at a permanent installation of a IP based radio system in conjunction with ICOM UK, a sponsor of the Academy.

D3 Active

Posted on June 19th, 2015

D3    cliff-diving   MR1

XTC are proud to have worked with D3 Active for many years supporting them with their events. Famous for corporate events with a real difference, and also implementing the off road challenges & design for Land Rover, D3 are the UK’s most invigorating agency.

These are just a few of the events we have been able to help D3 with Radio Communications, Satellite Internet and Outside Lighting.  G4 Challenge Selections, Geneva Motor Show, Mud Runner, Red Bull Neptune Steps, Dunsfold Circuit, Red Bull internal events, LR Trek, Red Bull Hardline, Outrow & Unleashed.

For the two Red Bull Cliff Diving events held in Wales XTC provided local and wide area comms for Event Management, Client and Stewards/Marshals via a 4 channel repeater system. Internet to the site was provided by 2 VSAT systems running in dual WAN. This gave internet to the management portacabins, press and wireless to the competitors in their hot tub! The radio system ran from 2 Efoy Fuel Cells alleviating the need for noisy generators at the repeater site which was amongst the viewing crowds.

2016 Events we have helped with include Red Bull Neptune Steps, Fuller Fest, LR Trek’16, Red Bull Hardline, Steeplechase and Cliff Diving. Hyundai Product Launch.

D3 can be contacted at D3 Active.  01531 634066.


Temporary Office Information

Posted on June 15th, 2015

Rescue Hut Inside

Rescue Hut Inside

Temporary Office Information.

Vehicle Tracking Information

Posted on June 15th, 2015

Vehicle tracking at Land Rover HQ in Iceland for the Discovery Sport launch. Live Google Doc’s, Multicast Texts, Radio Comms and Sat Phones keeps the Support staff on top of any situation

Iridium Tracking can be interlaced on the same screen with GSM tracking allowing tracking of dedicated GSM devices or support staff/guest iPhones.

HQ Tracking Desk

Iridium Tracker

Mobile Tracking

Never get lost!


Tracking Desk Evoque 16MY

PA & Lighting Information

Posted on June 15th, 2015

Total Rugby TV

Total Rugby – TV Set

Mobil 1 Paddock Club

G4 Selections 2006

G4 Selections – Eastnor


Land Rover Trek 2015

LR Trek’15


Club Nautique – Geneva

Satellite Internet Information

Posted on June 15th, 2015

Mobile VSAT system can provide wireless internet for any event. System can run from mains power, battery or Methanol Fuel Cell.


Argentina IMG_0322


Formula 1 – Mobil1 Paddock Club

Posted on June 15th, 2015

Img_1179  Mobil 1 Logo  Amob139-3908_IMG_Rsize

Formula 1 – Mobil1 Paddock Club. XTC have provided equipment, manpower and expertise for the Mobil1 Paddock Club. Working closely with BHP Sport, the prime contractor, we have designed, built and manned the AV requirement for the suite for over 7 years. This has involved video walls, plasmas, PA systems, lighting. Many of the worlds most famous drivers have stood on our stage and used our PA’s! The role also includes the building of 5 star suites in tented villages with bars, reception desks for up to 300 guests. In 2004 BHP, with XTC’s assistance flew over 4 tons of equipment to the inaugural Chinese GP in Shanghai creating a spectacular suite with impressive video wall and 11 plasma screens.

Land Rover G4 Challenge

Posted on June 15th, 2015

G41  g4  IMG_6866

We were pleased to be the technical communications supplier to the Land Rover G4 Challenge. XTC provided communications, audio visual expertise and equipment to the pre-scout teams, international selection events and the main global event in 2003. We worked with Land Rover special vehicles division on the installation of retro fitted electronic equipment into the vehicles ready for the four continent 2003 event. 4 engineers supported the 4 week event providing 24hr technical support.

XTC are a Land Rover approved supplier and continued to provide communications for the 2006 event. Plans were made and recce’s done for the 2009 event, but sadly it was cancelled. Countries visited by G4 Challenge include N America, S Africa, Australia, Thailand, Laos, Bolivia and Brazil. The 2009 event was due to be held in Mongolia.

Land Rover Experience

Posted on June 15th, 2015

lre1  lre2  Sept08_122

Following our work with Land Rover G4 Challenge , XTC provided communication services to Land Rover Experience. In 2004 XTC were tasked with providing wide area VHF coverage in the remote north east of Scotland for the new Discovery 3 Press Launch. Here, back to back repeater technology was implemented with an SSE mast site hosting one repeater while the other end was covertly installed in a 15th century protected building.

This was the start of us providing communications solutions and staff for all Land Rover Press launch’s ever since, initially with LRE, and latterly Global PR. Our input and responsibilities on these events are growing all the time, but our involvement with Land Rover goes way back to 1993 and Camel Trophy.           Details on some of the launches can be found under JLR Global PR.

We have also provided LRE with Satphones, temporary repeaters and Vehicle fits in previous years along with support on IT and AV equipment at LRE Centres.

LRE provide a unique experience for anyone wishing to drive the latest LR vehicles to their limits at centres across the UK and Globe. Land Rover Experience


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